Monday, October 28, 2013

...remember shrinky dinks??

Since I was a kid, I've always had this little obsession with shrinky when I found that they actually still sold it..I was elated! I found all kinds, different colors, and different brands...I ordered mine online from Amazon. I prefer using the ones that are pre-sanded.

I got out my plethora of sharpies and went to town doodling. You can find images online to trace if you want..but I like using my own art. I doodled all over the 8.5x11 sheet of shrink plastic. Once I was done doodling in black, I started to fill in with color. 

Once I had ever ince covered..I then cut out different shapes...(remember that shrinky's shrink to about 30% of their original size) I trace various objects...plates, glasses..and even freehanded a few...after cutting them out..depending on what you plan to do with them, (I made earrings out of mine) you'll need to punch a hole in them with a hole puncher. 

I then lined a cookie sheet with vellum and laid each piece down, careful not to overlap them. (Shrinky's curl when you cook them and tend to move around) I bake mine @ 400 degrees for about 30 seconds...sometimes a little longer. 
You need to keep an eye on them as they cook..just so they don't overlap or stick to themselves. 

...and the finished product! There's alot of trial and error involved with Shrinky's, so be patient. It took me a bit to find a method that worked best for me.
I also like using Prisma Color Pencils to draw on the shrink plastic, but you'll definitely have to use the pre-sanded kind to make it stick. 

Have fun with whatever you create!

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