Friday, November 9, 2012

My front yard...

So I went on a little field my front yard. I found some pretty amazing things. It was raining a little which made it even more fun. We had...("had" being the key word) this awesome mushroom know..the kind that you see in Disney movies and cartoons. I just couldn't stop taking photos of them, they were so fascinating! I was expecting a little garden gnome to come out at any moment...yeh, that never happened...
But I have to say..that it felt really good to just go out and shoot for fun..I've missed'll be seeing more posts like this in the future :) 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

F A L L ....

Fall is my favorite season....I love all the changing of leaves...the amazing colors..and the change in temperature. I love the summer...but unless I have on SPF 1,000..this girl looks like a lobster...not so cute. 
I incorporated my love for fall into our house...I love being resourceful and spending as little money possible. All I had to do was go into my front yard for all of this amazing decor...with a little acrylic paint, hot glue and some weird looks from my husband...I was done. It literally cost me next to nothing. I had some creative inspiration from one of my favorite artists & craft bloggers Alisa Burke. Thank you Alisa for your inspiration!

I found this amazing yellow branch across our street...I knew it would look amazing on our mantel...and it does!

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I've had alot of things come my way lately that are trying to steal my I created a little photo to help me to remember...CHOOSE JOY!

Feel free to copy and share the actually fits a Facebook timeline profile pic perfectly :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

...God created the creatures of the sea...

I remember as a kid I was always fascinated by the ocean and everything in it...I still am. From the colors to the textures, it's all so overwhelming...(in a good way) . The peacefulness of the beach and the sound of the waves...always makes me feel so close to I'm in His living room :) 

I love painting seascapes..especially underwater. And I have to say..that coral reefs are my absolute favorite. One of the things that I enjoy about painting with watercolors is that you can have as little or as much control as you want...for this one...I just let the paint drip...I created a wet wash just let the colors'll see a salt shaker in one of them...I used salt to create a textured effect. 

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